Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Layer Item #1 for Fall 2009

Prepidemic Magazine lists as the v-neck cashmere sweater as their # 1 layering item. "The v-neck sweater is something that every man should have on his closet. It can be worn with nearly anything. It’s the classic layering item. Wear it over a button down and you’re golden. Wear it by itself and you’re fresh. Wear it under a jacket and you’re a stud. But this is something you all should know by now. The real question is which v-neck you should own. Well, it should most definitely be cashmere and it should most definitely be simple (get it in navy or heather grey if this is your first serious sweater)."

Visit my post from October 1, here, for more information on a limited supply of high quality J Hilburn cashmere v-neck and zip-ups. Order your sweater today,

Friday, October 9, 2009

style vs. fashion

The difference between style and fashion is quality.

Giorgio Armani

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Layer Layer Layer

Eric Wright, the recently installed creative director of high-end French retailer Fa├žonnable, has been obsessed with fashion since the age of five. For his first collection coming out this fall, Wright, a San Francisco native, drew inspiration from the climates of the two cities that helped shape his sensibilities. "I've always had an appreciation for the weight of fabrics and for the importance of layering," he says. "Growing up in San Francisco, which has the same sort of weather as Nice, you apply layers in the morning because it's cooler, and by the afternoon, you're down to your shirtsleeves because it's very very warm." See full article here.

J. Hilburn shares that same appreciation for layering, which brings me to our Fall sweater collection; a perfect way to stay warm and stylish with very little weight.

You can wear our Ivy V-Neck to work or when you're just bumming around. Layer it over a dress shirt and tie or even just a tee shirt. The name is a nod to this sweater's preppy beginnings that helped define classic American menswear style and continues to inspire designers today.

Available in Blue, Charcoal, Chocolate Brown, Navy, Pearl Gray
Luxury Blend - $89.00
Luxury Cashmere - $149.00

The Houston, pronounced "How--stin", takes it style cues from New York City. It's inspired by the city's famed SoHo neighborhood, an area known for its hip artists, lofts, and trendy shops where you'd likely find guys strolling in vintage denim and designer, double zip sweaters. To that end, check out our Houston Zip Cardigan. It can take the lead for a night on the town or layer nicely under your favorite sportcoat.

Available in Charcoal, Chocolate Brown, Navy, Pearl Gray
Luxury Blend - $119.00
Luxury Cashmere - $189.00

There are a limited supply of sweaters available. Contact me today!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Well Coiffed Man

Personal style doesn't include just the shirt on your back or the shoes on your feet; it’s the total presentation...and that includes your 'do.

The website Fashionising discusses three men's hair trends for 2009. The first cut is called "The Fringe". I prefer to call it the Roger in honor of stylist Rachel Zoe's husband. I probably shouldn’t share this, but I think Roger is kind of hot. Of course he could look even better if he were sporting a black label J Hilburn shirt. Call me, Roger, and we'll set up a time to measure you ;). Next is the "Slick Back", personified by the always stylish George Clooney. Finally, there's "The Classic Part", a favorite look of the timeless American gentleman, Cary Grant. Each style is very dapper in its own right and they all complement the new modern looking, but classically influenced, trend in men's clothing.

Knowing the hairstyle you want is only the first step. Finding the perfect hair stylist takes time and patience, but I have some recommendations that may be of help in this department. Laurel Berg's Groove Salon has a large and happy male clientele and you get a cold beer with every cut (2 if you drink fast and wine if you prefer). Another spot worth investigating is the hip and funky Barber Lounge in SOMA.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fog Or Shine A Zip Up Cardigan And You'll Be Fine

Not surprisingly, San Francisco can’t seem to decide if we are experiencing summer weather or fall weather.


How does one dress when the news is reporting a heat wave yet the fog hangs around until well after 10 a.m.?


October 1, J Hilburn is introducing its sweater collection! Details to follow in a posting next week, but the double zip cashmere sweater is the answer to our schizophrenic weather issues.


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Sunday, September 20, 2009

not to ruffle your feathers, but change is here

“LIFE should never be color-by-numbers,” said the musician Ben Harper. “We’re the only animal in the kingdom that can change its feathers. Why not take full advantage of that?” --from the NYTimes article, Birds of a Feather.

I love this quote and I'm happy to see so many men starting to take a greater interest in the way they present themselves to the world. With high end barber and hat shops popping up all over San Francisco, there seems to be a revival of mid-1950s sensibility (perhaps inspired by Mad Men?) that places an emphasis on wearing high-quality, tailored clothing that both looks and feels great.

Need new feathers? Setting up an appointment for a shirt fitting with me today and I'll work with you to design a unique shirt that represents your personality.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

J. Hilburn on Fox News

And Veeral looked sharp! It is impossible to not be excited about a company that had $4 Million invested in it by Battery Ventures, one of the top 10 Venture Capital companies internationally, just this past April.

Enjoy the clip and contact me if you are in need of a style adviser.