Sunday, September 20, 2009

not to ruffle your feathers, but change is here

“LIFE should never be color-by-numbers,” said the musician Ben Harper. “We’re the only animal in the kingdom that can change its feathers. Why not take full advantage of that?” --from the NYTimes article, Birds of a Feather.

I love this quote and I'm happy to see so many men starting to take a greater interest in the way they present themselves to the world. With high end barber and hat shops popping up all over San Francisco, there seems to be a revival of mid-1950s sensibility (perhaps inspired by Mad Men?) that places an emphasis on wearing high-quality, tailored clothing that both looks and feels great.

Need new feathers? Setting up an appointment for a shirt fitting with me today and I'll work with you to design a unique shirt that represents your personality.

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