Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Layer Item #1 for Fall 2009

Prepidemic Magazine lists as the v-neck cashmere sweater as their # 1 layering item. "The v-neck sweater is something that every man should have on his closet. It can be worn with nearly anything. It’s the classic layering item. Wear it over a button down and you’re golden. Wear it by itself and you’re fresh. Wear it under a jacket and you’re a stud. But this is something you all should know by now. The real question is which v-neck you should own. Well, it should most definitely be cashmere and it should most definitely be simple (get it in navy or heather grey if this is your first serious sweater)."

Visit my post from October 1, here, for more information on a limited supply of high quality J Hilburn cashmere v-neck and zip-ups. Order your sweater today,

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